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The Day Before You Came


It was the 8th March, some weeks before Boris Johnson would on the 23rd March impose a lockdown in the UK. The HMS Prince of Wales was making its first visit to Liverpool its affiliated city, and many people were thronging to the dock to see the massive aircraft carrier. A well as the Navy being in, it was so the city was pretty busy all round.

Although there were a lot of people about, I am sure many were already starting to feel nervous about what the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus could bring to us here in the UK and wondering if they may already be encountering it amongst the crowds.

I was making my last visit to Liverpool city centre for what would be some time, I had my Nikon F4 loaded with some Lomography Metropolis with me and recorded what was happening around me. The muted tones I think were apt for the feeling of trepidation that was in the air.

Here are some of the photos from that day.